Research Website Redesign

This is an on-going project that I’m talking about throughout the process in an effort to share experiences and identify best practices. As part of the process of redesigning the existing Research website, I conducted an audit of the existing sites, compiled site maps, conducted card sorting exercises, worked with content and business owners to identify areas for improvement, developed a content strategy for the new site and developed an RFP and served as the informational and technical point of contact while conducting the vendor selection process. We are consolidating multiple sites into a single clearinghouse, something I’ve done previously, though this site will need the ability to add sub-sites in an ad hoc fashion as we constantly have new initiatives and funding opportunities and events that need a more robust web presence that’s a little more unique than the rest of the site. Typically, the vendor would conduct a lot of this fact finding and requirements gathering, however my expertise in those areas has meant we are a little ahead of the curve when it comes to much of the research and design components of the site development process.