Research Intranet

When conducting an audit of the existing Research Intranet and for an information gathering phase of a redesign of that intranet, we worked with the Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences at Simmons University. We (myself, along with a communications specialist and a project coordinator) helped conduct focus groups, 1-on-1 interviews and card sorting activities, including both open and closed sorts. We also did eye movement tracking and analyzed user sessions using Morae to quantify data around those user experiences.

We developed scripts for the interviews, recorded them and transcribed them, while cleaning and coding various responses for data analysis. We created a white paper for internal use that detailed our findings. We conducted interviews and surveys across both Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Mass General Hospital, with both junior and senior investigators.

Project Details

  • Category:
    User Experience Design
  • Date:
    December 4, 2019