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Hello! I'm Alexandra & I draw and make lots of things.

I’m Alexandra Gallant, a designer, illustrator and artist in Boston, Massachusetts. I create pieces inspired by nature, travel, pop culture or fashion. Lots of birds, whales, flowers and trees. Movie and tv references. Lots of different fashion designs and sketches. Travel sketches from various trips. My work¬†varies quite a bit, ranging from digital (illustrations, paintings, collages), mixed media (acrylic, ink, paper & ephemera), watercolor, gouache, ink and pencil. The other thing you might notice is that my style varies significantly from piece to piece¬†– that’s somewhat by design, I’m an artist who loves trying different tools and media, so I tend not to stick to one style or method – I love exploring the possibilities.

If you’re interested in working with me on something creative, get in touch –

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