Alexandra Gallant

I am an artist, designer, developer and illustrator living in Boston, Massachusetts in an apartment that is more art studio than apartment. My work is largely inspired by nature.  In particular, the hidden world of the deepest forests and the secret life beneath the surface of the ocean find themselves being explored again and again. I’m pretty sure this makes me sound like I think I’m Jacques Cousteau or something.

Pop culture and cinema are a close second, in terms of favorite subjects. I think that comes from growing up in a family that owned a bunch of video stores in the late 80s/early 90s. We had a giant neon sign, an old timey popcorn trolley and a Kermit the Frog phone. I used to ring customers up as a four year old. They would spell out the title of the movie and I would enter it into the computer. I’m still waiting for a paycheck.

That and getting an Apple IIe as a three year old are probably why my career began in web development, but over time, a desire to live more creatively shifted my focus on to art and creative direction as well as illustration and mixed media artwork. By day, I am a creative designer focused on web, media and visual communication at a hospital in Boston where I have worked for nearly ten years. By night, I’m Batman. Or asleep.

You can find me on: Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Say Hi

Send me an email if you’re interested in collaborating on a project or commissioning a piece –

I don’t own a time turner or a DeLorean, so I can’t make extra time to do all of these things, but I have also taught classes* throughout the past 10 years in most of these different areas or have expertise in the area:

Painting (Acrylic, watercolor, gouache)*

Drawing (Pencil, Ink)

Graphic Design  (Print, Web)*

Front-end Web Development


Illustrator, Photoshop*


Knitting/Fiber Arts


Collage/Mixed Media Artwork*

Travel journaling & sketching*

Creative Consulting (which literally means nothing other than – if you need someone who is super creative, great at brainstorming or has any or all of these skills, I’m a good person to talk to.)